Wonderland | explicit

by - Dienstag, August 16, 2016

Am I Snow White?
Cause I’m lost inside this forest
And I take a bite
Of some stranger’s apples
My stepmother asked her mirror,
“Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Who is the prettiest of them all?”
If I’m living with seven men,
Am I a whore then?
At least I don’t build any relationship
I don’t call anyone I love or some shit,
Am I Cinderella?
Cause I used to clean the house
From bottom to top
My step family laughed so loud
While I’m hanging with my mop
Always trying to stay strong
And fuck the rest
But can’t resist it so long
And I shouldn’t be so depressed
I was lucky to find my Prince Charming
But Anastasia tried to steal my show
By cutting off her big toe to fit in
The glass shoe and now she “glows”
Am I Sleeping Beauty?
Cause Maleficent tortured the nation
And I’m cursed: A Hundred-Year sleep
If I were awake, I’d use ammunition
But how?
Instead, Prince Phillip kissed me
To wake me up, he bowed
And raped me!!
Help me out of this hell hole
I didn’t mean to have kids yet
But how was I wide awake like an owl?
Am I Arielle?
Cause I live somewhere
Where nobody knows me
And I felt in love with a guy. There,
From another world, don’t you see?
But Triton and my sea friends
Don’t allow me to meet my prince
Because the human world is a mess
And if we ended like king and queen,
We’d have a long-distance-relationship
I shouldn’t have given away my voice
To the sea witch Ursula
After all the stupid shit
I’ve been through
Forgive me, father! But still, step aside!
Love life is hard, I’ll commit suicide
Am I Jasmine?
Cause I live in a palace
And people say I’m jolie as the jasmine
Flower, slim body and a smiling face
Come with me to spend the
Arabian nights
But I have to trust you
I don’t need a knight yet, so no fights
Please; I ask you again: can I trust you?
I want to discover a whole new world
Until you suddenly lied to me
And told me you were a poor boy
Too late now, I kissed the evil lord
You should have told me the truth
From the beginning, boy
Am I Red Riding Hood?
Cause I think the wolves have got me
I’m not a little kid. Watch me! I grew
So don’t mention things I haven’t seen
On my way to Grandma
I heard branches breaking
Was it an animal?
I’m afraid of them, so I started running
Running through the forest
The big bad wolf chased me
Like we’re playing tag, you’re it
But not with some strangers
Momma even told me!
I tried to scream at the top of my lungs
But people are all in their houses
And couldn’t hear anything
Too late...
So, Walt Disney and other narrators
Who needs a happy ending?
When everything is about violent force?
Abuses, rapes, deaths... what’s coming
Next? I don’t believe in fairy tales
But I’m rather Alice in Wonderland
Than anybody else
Guess I really am Alice in Wonderland
Cause I’m falling down the rabbit hole
I’m nuts, I’m crazy, I’m mad
Baby let’s fall down the hole
Drinking tea with the Mad Hatter
And celebrating our non-birthdays
Cause let’s face it: it’s better
Than celebrating the real birthday
Now let’s paint white roses red
And get drunk with the caterpillar
Okay, that’s it, let’s go bed
But recap and better
All the best people are crazy

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