Mental prison | explicit poem

by - Freitag, August 26, 2016

The girl you bullied
Because she’s “too fat for life”
Wants to kill herself with a bullet
Or maybe with a knife
How do you feel that she barely eats
And starves herself to death?
So poor, now counting calories
And gasping for breath
Even the cafeteria was pure hell for her
And also the restaurant and at home
Every day, looking in the mirror
Still not only skin and bones
She goes to bed with hunger
Even a glass of water can’t stop it
So terrified, restless and full of anger
A bad idea, starving herself ain’t a hit
So she goes to the bathroom
And vomits up dinner
Still afraid of school
She couldn’t be thinner
The boy you called him “cry baby”
Because he “cries days and nights”
Is still trying to find a remedy
To win the fight
How do you feel that he’s abused
At home, asking for a “real family”?
He mustn’t even make any moves
To cry for help urgently
He’d rather stay at school or in town
Than going back home
To be slapped and brought down
So helpless and so alone
Even waking up ain’t easy
And also surviving a whole day
But do you think he falls asleep easily?
His heart and identity became so grey
Now grabbing a blade to die for joy
A success, he did it
So Mister, are you sorry for the boy
For what you did?
The girl you called her a “bitch”
Because she lost her virginity
Wants to jump from a bridge
And wishes to get back her virginity
But how? She’s afraid to tell anyone
Because"it can’t be and it’s bullshit"
Talking about it ain’t real fun
It wasn’t just an ordinary Tag, You’re It
Hugging, kissing and shaking hands
Became one of her biggest fears
Only because of a bizarre old man
So she’s sitting alone and crying tears
So powerless, doesn’t know what to do
Concealing her pain was the best way
However, this won’t stop so soon
She can’t even go out the next days
Getting married and making babies
Are exactly what stops her from living
Happily ever after, it’s not a piece
Of cake anymore, so she’s drowning
The boy you laughed at
Over and over again
Because is worse than a black cat
Is trying to cut through his veins
The social network came
And it got so much worse
Driven away and became
Hospitalized, looking for a great nurse
No wonder he isn’t an outgoing person
Because his fear of people increased
And if he tries to, it worsens
His chest, getting heavier, falling deep
What’s that feeling? Panic attack
Sweat’s breaking, he can’t breath
Oh no! The feeling of vomiting began
But where to escape? That, is the death
Laughter here, suicide attempts there
He opens the drawer to take the can
Can’t sleep because of his nightmare
So he better be driven over by a van
The girl you called her a psycho
Because she keeps talking to herself
And is entirely off her rocker
Can’t be herself
Please stop the voices in her head
She doesn’t know what’s going on
Can’t even go to bed
The ghosts are following her on and on
Hallucinations are her only best friends
They tell the stupid stories ever
You can’t get over it? Don’t offend
You would still ignore me, so whatever
Suddenly a voice comes over
Telling her she’d fail the test anyway
What’s wrong? Enlighten her!
Is she getting depressed the few days?
Paranoia is her worst enemy
It makes her driving nuts, crazy
That she failed her test in Chemistry
Suspended from school, she was noisy
Now tell me though, is it funny
To make fun of someone
With an eating disorder?
Go to your nanny
If you don’t know what you’ve done
Your words hit them harder
If your spirit screamed through
The prison bars, would you manage
That? Thank your force
For proving me wrong, fool
God made us a challenge
So don’t ruin it, it’d be dumb of course
So all you have to do is first to know
Their history well enough
Then think about not judging them
And if the stories are not beaux,
Please leave them alone staying tough
And learn how to respect them!
Mental illnesses ain’t fun!

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