Aeroplane 🎵🎶

by - Montag, Juni 06, 2016

Imagine everything was like traveling with a time machine
Or a thunder that goes fast as it has always been
Isn’t it strange or does it strike me?
The days go by so fast, like a blast
Saying goodbye is so outcast
So you’re just passing me by for the last 
From New Zeeland to Tokyo
From Marseille to Cairo
Take me high like an aeroplane
From Rome to Alaska
From L.A. to Casablanca
Take me high like an aeroplane
So let’s fly above the blue, blue sky 
The memories I’ve been through fulfilled with joy
Travelling to Neverland like the Lost Boy
I feel like trying something new
No matter if it was performing
Or just hitting the small screen
All I can think is that it’s time to appreciate
‘Cause apologising for giving up the adventure ain’t appropriate
From Rio de Janeiro to Madrid
From Berlin to Detroit
Take me high like an aeroplane
From Mecca to Medina
From Hollywood to Vienna
Take me high like an aeroplane
So let’s fly high above the blue, blue sky 
I don’t wanna feel the wanderlust
So let’s fly from East to West
Or from South to North
To look up at the sky
Shining and glowing up there
Carry me away from here
Driving fast cars for a road trip
For a night at a hotel to skinny dip 
From Wisconsin to Hawaii
From Florence to another way
From Tolmin to Cannes
For a day with a sail in a storm
Let’s fly high above the blue, blue sky

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1 Gedanken

  1. meine Englisch ist zwar leider nicht das beste, aber bei solchen Songtexten versteht man eben doch immer mehr als man vl gedacht hätte - vl liegt es an den Reimen?
    ein wunderschöner Text meine Liebe :)

    liebste Grüße auch,
    ❤ Tina von


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